TOMS™ Giving
  • What does TOMS® give?

TOMS™ gives at least ⅓ of their annual net profits to grassroots efforts. TOMS™ approach is focused on partnering with community based organizations and leaders working to create an equitable tomorrow through promoting mental health, ending gun violence and increasing access to opportunity for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), the LGBTQ+ community, and women and girls.

  • How much does TOMS give?

TOMS give as much as they can while maintaining a sustainable for-profit business —and they strive not to let that number dip below 33%. In other words, TOMS contributes at least ⅓ of their annual net profits to grassroots good. You can find more details about TOMS latest giving in their impact report. You can find more details about our latest giving in their impact report (TOMS impact page).

  • How do you define the issue areas that TOMS is focused on now?

At TOMS, they do believe in a more equitable tomorrow—one where all people have a chance to thrive.

  • Grassroots Good: An approach to giving that focuses on forming deep partnerships with community based organizations and leaders working to advance equity in their local neighborhoods.
  • Equity: Considering people's individual (or community's) circumstances and providing them with the resources they need to thrive.
  • Promoting Mental Health: Increase help seeking behaviors through reducing stigma and connecting people to evidence-based mental health resources.
  • Ending Gun Violence: Prevention, intervention and response to community trauma caus¬ed by guns.
  • Increasing Access to Opportunity: Provide culturally relevant and accessible opportunities to pursue education and work.
  • Does TOMS® still do One for One®?

TOMS is the proud pioneer of the One for One® model. As an entrepreneurial company, they are also driven to innovate. Giving shoes and impact grants enables TOMS to develop deeper partnerships with the organizations they support, creating a more sustainable form of impact.

For special collaborations and other select circumstances, TOMS will give One for One®. These products will be very clearly marked so you know exactly how we’re putting the power of your purchase to work.

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TOMS Environment:

What is TOMS’ stance on environmental sustainability?

While social impact is TOMS main focus, they believe that improving lives also means taking care of the place we all call home. Environmental sustainability is a collective responsibility and TOMS is committed to doing their part.

They take a holistic approach to sustainability, which means that TOMS extend their ethical and eco-conscious practices throughout their business. TOMS is committed to making choices that benefit their customers, employees and our planet—from the materials and vendors they choose to the steps they take to get each product to you. TOMS is excited to share their journey with you.

How do you determine if a product is labeled earthwise™?

Earthwise™ products are rooted in earth-friendly materials and processes — and TOMS doesn’t use the term “earth-friendly” loosely. In order for a product to be considered earthwise, at least one of its main components must contain an earth-friendly element, and at a minimum percentage.

Is there still a give associated with earthwise™ products?

Yes! Because TOMS gives ⅓ of their annual net profits for grassroots good, ever TOMS product gives back—and that includes earthwise™.

How is TOMS becoming more sustainable?

TOMS sustainability journey is just that—a journey. And they’re excited to share every step of it along the way, from their current efforts to their future goals. As a starting point, TOMS is committed to:

Improving TOMS B Corp score with each re-certification (every 3 years).

Expanding earthwise™ by designing more products that use earth-friendly materials and processes.

Sourcing 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.

Continuing to source 100% of TOMS product packaging from sustainably managed forests and having it comprised of 80%+ recycled materials.

Reducing their carbon footprint year over year and sharing this progress.

Transparent reporting

TOMS also partners with best-in-class organizations to evaluate our progress, including:

B Corp — TOMS is proud to have become B Corp certified in 2018. Their B Corp certification recognize their commitment to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. They are re-certified in 2020 and improved their score by 25.2 points. The environment section was TOMS greatest area of improvement - going from 11.8 to 22.4

What is TOMS’ carbon footprint?

TOMS is working on measuring their carbon footprint baseline and will share their results and their plans for improvement.

What is TOMS doing to reduce waste in its packaging?

TOMS did update their packaging in 2020 to reduce its impact on the environment.

The TOMS boxes are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. Being committed to Canopy’s conservation standards encourages TOMS to continue to source all wood-based material they use from sustainably-managed forests.

TOMS product packaging is made with 80%+ recycled material and uses soy-based inks. In their packaging redesign, they are reducing the amount of cardboard in each box and are switching to 90% recycled tissue paper.

The TOMS hangtag is made from 100% recycled kraft paper and uses soy-based inks. In their packaging redesign, they are reducing the size of the hangtag by 59%.

So, what’s a B Corp™ anyways?

Certified B Corps™ are for-profit companies that use business as a force for good, and TOMS is proud to be part of a community of businesses that are committed to building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

As a Certified B Corp™ TOMS is legally permitted to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. They also get a new score every 3 years, which includes all the ways in which TOMS can improve. So, TOMS is B Corp™ certified but far from finished.

When and how did TOMS® become B Corp certified? How does it work?

TOMS® became B Corp™ certified in 2018. Certified B Corps™ achieve a minimum verified score of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment—a rigorous assessment of a company’s impact on its workers, customers, community, and the environment. This assessment is overseen by B Lab’s ® Independent Standards Advisory Council. Once certified, B Corps™ amend their governing documents so that, by law, the decisions of their boards take into account an impact on employees, customers, society, and the environment.

What's TOMS’ score?

In 2020, TOMS received a score of 121.5, which is 25.2 points higher than their score in 2018.

Along with other B Corps™, they need to maintain or improve their score every three years to keep their certification. The environment is a key area TOMS improved in and a place they will continue to focus. You can see TOMS full score breakdown on the B Corp™ website. You can find more details about TOMS latest giving in our impact report (TOMS impact page).

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