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Ten-C Fishtail Parka
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Ten-C Fishtail Parka

Ten-C Fishtail Parka

The parka, probably Ten C.'s most iconic piece of clothing.

The Fishtail Parka was first used by the US Army in 1951 as weather protection during the Korean War and later became a cult item of clothing for British mods in the 1960s. This model is inspired by the loose fitting M-65 field jacket, with a longer back. Temperature fluctuations are no longer a problem with this jacket. The Original Japanese Jersey (OJJ fabric) is an exclusive jersey fabric used and manufactured by Ten C with unique properties. OJJ is made entirely in Japan and is cut, sewn and dyed by Ten C in Italy. There are traces of use that give the material an individual look. Accordingly, there are no two jackets with the same look. The material lives from a certain stiffness that becomes softer with use and adapts to the body. Signs of use - similar to jeans, give the jacket its own character. As always, all OJJ shells can be worn with all downliners.

  • Material: nylon, polyester, OJJ fabric
  • Colors: Navy, Black, Beige




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