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How do I wash my TOMS?
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How do I wash my TOMS?

How do I wash my TOMS?

Care instructions for TOMS shoes

We generally recommend washing TOMS by hand with cold water and a neutral detergent and then drying in the open air. Under no circumstances do we recommend placing TOMS in a tumble dryer. Please note that the color will fade (too much sunshine also leads to this). However, this does not affect the durability of the shoes. Please also note that TOMS accepts no liability for changes to the shoes due to a washing process and that any changes that occur are not covered by our guarantee.

Are you looking for a new pair of TOMS? Have a look in-store - Siebensterngasse 52, 1070 Vienna or Lerchenfelder Straße 65, 1070 Vienna - or in the online shop!



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